Kirk Patrick News

07 Oct 2021

Performing at Safehouse Magic Bar

Come see the Best Magic at The Safehouse. Milwaukee's favorite spy bar and restaurant is located in a top-secret alleyway near The Pabst Theater and the Bronze Fonz.  Contact Kirk for select performance nights!  

26 Apr 2021

Magical Dinner Theater

Sawmill Inn's Magical Dinner Theater on Saturday May 22nd Dinner at 6 pm and Magic Show at 7 pm Ticket Price: Adults $40  Children $10 (12 and under)

16 Mar 2021

Fully Vaccinated!

I received my second Covid Vaccination in January!  Let's make Covid "Disappear"

25 Sep 2020

Mask Magic for Halloween

Have a Magical Halloween Party!  Kirk is performing Magic during the pandemic. Children and Adults can decorate their Covid Masks and wear them during the event.  Win a magical prize for the best mask decoration!

22 May 2020

Kirk the “Masked Magician” Appearing Back at Sawmill Inn!

As Wisconsin is reopening, Kirk will be performing Magic every Sunday at the Sawmill Inn from 11am to 1pm.  Bring the whole family!  Your mask is optional...

26 Mar 2020

Covid-19. Pray for Those Affected

In these uncertain times we need to pray and ask God for help.  I am reminded of our own mortality.  Life is so short.  Take the quiz to see if you are a "Good Person"